Let’s do this world better together! 🙂 Special for “Imagine Europe”.

Nowadays, Europe is one of the most educated, culturally and technically developed parts of the world. We know that many current challenges faced by Europeans, such as environmental and migrants problems, global crisis, issues of war and peace and some others influence all countries around the world as well. My vision of its future focuses primarily on the following things I want to tell you. For me as a chemist, the main problem of the last years is the increase of greenhouse gas emissions. It will surely lead to acceleration of glacial melting and rise of the average temperature on the Earth. It really makes me sad because European Venice, Amsterdam, and many other cities and seaports will be drowned. To solve this issue, the UK and France, for example, will have already refused from fossil fuels by 2040, that is amazing, but will not it be too late? And how to realize these gradual changes when people can not accept them? This problem, alongside with the economic crisis, lack of equality and overpopulation in some countries, will toughen the question of the mass emigration. Europe has already felt this problem, when citizens of African and Middle East nations, undergoing war and poverty, began migrating in search of better life. By 2050 the emigration policies should be changed. In my opinion, we can not avoid migrations, but, only by uniting together we can create optimal conditions for their peaceful passage. In the nearest future, the third industrial and digital revolutions will take place in our everyday lives. Our home duties will be done by robots or automated programs. Cars, most likely, will ride without a driver, with the help of autopilot. Drones will replace the couriers. Gradually, Europe will get rid of gasoline and turn to electric or alternative fuels. Psychological aspect of this modernization is that machines will be able to replace people themselves. Do you agree that a robot-partner will never become pregnant, has no annoying relatives or extra worries? And this is only a little part of the superiority over humans. Soon, such changes will necessarily take place in the European routine. I want to believe in introducing the saving energy and environmental management programs in the European countries by 2050. I am certain that standards of living and education, tolerance and openness will be higher compared to those of today. It is really important to maintain the democratic society with equal rights and opportunities for their implementation. The worst of all is the threat of war, still remaining in the twenty-first century. Imagine, only one nuclear combat can dispel the existence of all mankind. But I would like to be an optimist and urge you to think of how much effort has been put to create the world we live in. So, let’s do everything possible to make the pessimistic forecast fail, and Europe to become better by 2050 and in the further future!

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