01. By 2050, I want to see a Europe which is fully Gender Equal.
(Isn’t it strange that we still have to talk about this in 2019?)

As Mr. Rolf Tarrach has said in his book “El placer de decidir”:
“Maybe it's time to leave power to women. It's funny that we talk so much about creativity and innovation but never mention this profoundly innovative change.”
02. By 2050, I want to see a Europe which fully embraces differences and diversities.

As Mr. Tevan Poghosyan described in his Imagine Europe video:
“The fundamental question is whether we are able to deal with differences together, to learn to live together, move forward and shape a peaceful region, where welfare and human rights are universally endorsed and practiced.”
03. By 2050, I want a Europe which is an advocate of peace all over the world!
Because we all know what we are left with when peace fails!

Who better to tell us about it than Ms Rania Ali?
"I worry constantly about my family and want to talk to them 24 hours a day. Syria might be 3,000 miles away, but I can feel every bomb that drops. I sit and daydream about being reunited with my sisters, my brother, and my father, even for just a few hours.“
04. By 2050, I want to see a Europe where refugees feel empowered & welcome.

As Ms. Carina Autengruber described in her blog:
“It’s tragic that today, we need to make people remember this basic fact: all refugees, displaced persons and migrants deserve to have their human rights respected. They ALL deserve to be treated with dignity.”
05. By 2050, I want to see Europe as the world leader in fighting Climate Change.

We all share Ms. Ulrike Guérot's concern expressed in her Imagine Europe video:
“Will the Port of Amsterdam and the Port of Hamburg still exist (in 2050)?
Or, will they be flooded (as a result of Climate Change)?”
06. By 2050, I want Europe to lead the world in adapting to a more representative democracy.

According to Mr. Niccolo Milanese this can be achieved by having Transnational Political Parties & moving away from nation-state models.
“Dealing with most pressing problems facing societies- climate change, migration situation, economic crisis- is going to require coordination and cooperation between countries… we have to find ways of doing politics which is as transnational as our lives.”
07. By 2050, I want a Europe whose citizens are also active citizen-lobbyists.

The idea of citizen-lobbyists was brilliantly described by Mr Alberto Alemanno:
“Citizen lobbying is about lobbying by citizens for the citizens. It’s about you picking up the phone and calling your elected! It is about you mobilizing social media… It is about you starting a new petition and collecting signatures.”
These are my 7 wishes for the Europe that I want in 2050!
The clock is ticking and 2050 is not that far away!

Let's all get to work!

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