Europe in 2050 will be beautiful and amazing!
By 2050 every child in Europe will be able to get a good education. This is the very important base that forms a developed society and our common perspectives.
In the future Europe everyone will be able to find his vocation and master the profession that he likes. If a person can realize himself and sees the prospect, he will not have aggression towards others. This will lead to a decrease in crime in Europe and in the world. Every city in Europe in 2050 will be friendly and safe for residents and tourists. Every European will, without fear, let his children go for a walk. Residents of Europe in 2050 will be able to choose their type of activity and lifestyle, regardless of race, gender, age.
Young people will see a clear perspective, and the older generation will feel protected and confident in the future.
Everyone will be able to choose with whom to build his family and relationships. Women and men will be able to equally realize themselves in their social lives and as parents. This will lead to economic and social equality.
A high level of education and awareness in society will positively affect the state of cities and the environment. By 2050, people will reduce the level of consumption. Will ride on bicycles and other ecological transport. Waste recycling will reach 100%. As a result, Europe will be full of fresh air, healthy products, green forests and healthy and happy people.
Once, during a conversation about the achievements of modern technology, Bernard Shaw said:
Now that we have learned to fly the air like birds, swim under water like fish, we lack one thing— to learn to live on earth as human beings.
We will do everything possible! After all, the future of Europe begins right now!

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