“We make the world we live in and shape our own environment” . the environment in which we live is the most important factor that influences on us, as well as we influence on it. For this reason no kind of development will have any meaning without the safety of environment.
It is true that the quality of human life has improved greatly over the past few decades but earth is being harmed more and more by human activities. As our population grows we cause more pollution. The earth is being damaged and this impacts on people as well. Greenhouse gasses are the biggest challenge of 21st century. They are created by human production activities and they block the transfer of the heat energy in cosmos from the surface of the earth. Exactly this is the main reason of global warming
Europe has passed successful way during its history and has implemented many important changes in European countries. If we overlook its history we will see that Europe was constantly developing and the valuable things were created on the base of treaties, that made essential contribution to the wellbeing of European countries. Earlier, the main directions of Europe mostly covered economic, trade, foreign policy and similar issues. Unfortunately, there was no space for ecological topics. Such inattention effected on the environment in Europe. In 2003 in July-August in Europe heat waves were record-breaking, especially in France. In result of heat waves more than 37000 Europeans were died, it also caused the lack of grains and in Europe the wheat was harvested 10 million tones times less than it was expected. Besides, greenhouse gas emissions are reaching the peak, that is causing not only the global climate changes but also other dramatic events. The ecological degradation has pushed EU to pay special interest on environmental problems. . In result, in 2014 climate and energy strategy for 2030 has been created. The EU has firmly decided to become the leader in the world by using the renewable energy sources. In my point of view next decades will be one of the distinguished years in the Europe’s history due to its ecological importance. If this Strategy is fulfilled properly, for 2050 Europe’s countries will have avoided the ecological problems, which nowadays destroy the world’s ecosystem slowly.
In my point of view European people have a great consciousness about the importance of ecology and its protection and I believe that for 2050 with team-work Europe will be a healthier place to live, place without plastic waste, place with reduced greenhouse gas emissions, place full of eco-friendly markets, place with Clean water and place with affordable and clean energy. I imagine that Europe will be a distinguished example for the entire world in ecological progress.
At present Europe is the most significant figure which starts to implement fundamental changes and gives us hope that for the future Europe will be the Union that will win against ecological degradation and will protect our planet, that is our only home.

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