"How Do I see Europe in 2050? Better said, what does time mean and how does it influence us?
What did you say to yourself when you were a little child? You wanted to grow up. And now, when that has happened, what do you want? To return, to relive those moments when you were free and young. What do we really want to have? We want to control the time because we are never fully pleased, but we are full of sadness and complaints. We understand what we really want, but late, too late , when everything looks and feels different.
How do I see Europe in 2050? I imagine us making the same mistakes we do now, being as stressed as we are now, unhappy and displeased, maybe more than we are now. I imagine an Europe disunited, where understanding and acceptance are no more available, where is much easier to blame someone else , than to admit that we are imperfect, we make mistakes daily and that's okay.
How do I see Europe over 31 years? I imagine it aging from an emotional point of view, looking for happiness, but being captivated by the world of money. So sit down, think of how you will be over 31 years, think about how many opportunities you have. Take off your shoes, take off your shybess and your rules, rune, dance, feel, feel the sun, the people, feel the air. Be happy because you are alive today and you can do something that makes you happy. So it matters only how we will feel in 31 years, how much we let the time hit us, only we decide how Europe will be in 2050. Make this place a fairytail for you, make 2050 count. In 2050 you will remember 2019 and you will be proud of yourself. Make sure you will be happy anywhere in Europe."
I went more on the sentimental side because this is what keeps us alive, the love and the emotion with which we are created. What I'm trying to say with this video is to take an alarm about our attitude to time, to us, to friends, family, the fact that we neglect ourselves, that we get under the mastery of money, in fact, the only thing that controls us is God, and God means love, the love that we ignore. Maybe in 31 years we will have robot and technology at a high level, but all this is useless if love, acceptance and happiness are ignored.

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