How I see Europe in 2050-60…I am very optimistic, because the humanitarian approach that is now spread in Europe, especially after the Warsaw agreement in 1950-60s, the whole Europe has become one home- and it goes in even better direction in the field of the human relationships, people have started valuing more the human dignity. All the democratic movements will soon or late bring us to the essence of the idea who is the human being and why a human being should live on this planet. The movements that are against the war means that people have started loving and appreciating each other, there is not mine and yours, Europe is a place where everyone can choose an area to live there is no land demands like back in 50-60s any more from each other among the European countries. If you want to live in Poland, please do that, Germany? No problem, you have a plan to move to Norway, you can go, there are no obstacles any more. And me, and my country Armenia tries to be involved in that kind of “world”, in that Union, I would not say Union, because it may no longer exist, but Europe will remain in the same state of united coexistence. There is no way back any more, the human being has started its route to the unity no matter what nationality the other human being is, from which country they come from, and all these make us more developed. We will enter Europe with our culture, though they are not so much familiar to it, but the mixture will give more fruitful foetus, we will start get to know each other and will star to value each other’s cultures more. And these will make the world even freer. We cannot say that we have come to the dreamt state of co-living, but we have started 10.000 years ago and we are on the right way now, Europe is on that way and we should try to do our best to have our say in it. As we want to be a part of that family, with all our pros and cons, we all have come to this world to live together, the Creator has given us live to live all together despite the nationality. Europe is going in that direction, there is no other choice. In 2050-60 I see the world more and more humanitarian with respected Human Rights, freedoms respected and I do want Armenia to be in that value system.

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