How do we kill ourselves?
Every fifth person in this world dies from consequences of unhealthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, according to the researches of Jena University (Germany), my country is a leader of this list. That’s why I am here. God sent me to this planet in order to stop such kind of deaths. So I will start all the changes from my continent, Europe.
In 2050 we’ll be shocked of all our past mistakes. Having an apple for a snack instead of a pack of cookies will become a habit. Healthy food will be common and affordable for everyone. Fast food cafes won’t be so popular anymore. People now will understand the importance of looking after food and drinks they consume.
Unfortunately, we also have problems with sport productivity. So till 2050 we’ll build more sport stations and free gyms. In our times some people just can’t afford to pay for an opportunity to keep fit at gym. In 30 years schools, universities and other working places will have three 18 minutes breaks for exercising. We’ll forget about the term ‘sedentary work’, because we’ll be moving even at office. Our body is created in order to be active, not passive.
In 30 years humanity will decrease the number of drinking & smocking people for 45%. Talking about drugs, we’ll forget about them at all. All these betterments are the consequences of strict laws, hundreds of healthy lifestyle festivals, everyday health lessons at schools and universities, where students are not only taught, but also shown hundreds of visual evidences. People who have these dangerous addictions will be regularly invited to join special recreating camps.
European people will become much more concerned about ecology. Our environment influences our health greatly. So we’ll stop dropping rubbish wherever we want, in every house we’ll have recycling bins. ECO Festivals will have lots of visitors, not only organizers. We live in the world we have built, aren’t we?
The last one is mental health. Modern world brings too much negativity into our lives: constant stress, multitasking, bullying , etc. We’ll not change this situation till 2050, because it’s needed for keeping in progress. However, we have to try to be in harmony with this world. Books, meditation, our genuine hobbies are the best pills from this stress disease. In 2050 social medias won’t take 70% of our precious time. Everyone will be concerned about his life, not others.
It’s not horribly to make mistakes, only if we are going to be responsible for them.

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