In 2014 Ukrainians who had the landmarks of European unity, justice and the rule of law withstood icy cold winter, endured arrests, tortures and, hail balls in Kyiv.
I believe that in 2050 we, Ukrainians, will be in the European Union, and the citizens of Europe will have more opportunity to know Ukrainian youths better, learn new facts concerning the country’s culture and traditions. We, Ukrainians, believe that Europe will be able to promote five following steps in 2050.
The first step is a system of values. We have been talking about interests but not values in the European Union. We do not think that in the future Europeans should strive to serve higher purpose: not money, social status, or popularity. We have to treat different things through the prism of values: one should serve his state and not get rich at its expense, marriage by love and not for demanding expensive dowry. We should look upon Europe – 2050 not through the prism of economic or political interests, but because of the values of the rule of law, dignity of labor, openness, respect for others, inviolability of human life, tolerance and, finally, peace.
The second step is the attitude towards women and men. We should leave behind any form of gender-based harassment, at the subconscious level treat both men and female sexes equally in their abilities and solve all the issues.
The third step is a spiritual space that can unite people on their way to self-improvement. It does not mean that it is necessary to enculcate any predominant religion by 2050. Not at all! It is necessary to work out a single system of spiritual coordinates for all Europeans: love, search for truth, goodness, beauty and harmony with God.
The fourth step is solidarity when helping the cognate. I believe that in 2050 a lot of Europeans (all ages, professions, nationalities) will be involved in the creation of joint social projects, at a European scale including.
The fifth step is ‘European’ standard of living in European countries in 2050. Worthy wages, a privilege system, and reasonable tariffs for the people.
I am convinced that we have a great future ahead of us and I am strongly believe in Europe!

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