Enjoy the message about the future of European Labour Market. Popular jobs in 2050.

Hello, Europe! My name is Olena Kytaieva and I`m from Ukraine. I work in the field of education and employment consulting. So I am deeply interested in how the labor market in Europe will be arranged in 10-20-30 years. Which professions will enjoy the greatest popularity. the World Economic Forum report in 2018 stated certain professions that will be in high demand in the near future. I’d like to talk about some of them. First, database analysts. This job is at the intersection of Maths, Statistics, computer science, business and Economics. The development of machine learning will increase the importance of data science and cause its rapid development. The Big Data market is only now beginning to emerge in Europe. It will be the main stream in 2050. Second, engineers. I am sure they can not worry about their jobs. Next 30 years, the demand for knowledge in these areas will increase. Future engineers will work with biochemical nanotechnologies, robotics and nanomaterials. Third, specialized sellars. This job will be offered by large companies and startups who want to capture new niches in the market. Forth, designers. Developing new products in the future will become more automated, but work that needs a creative approach will require skilled human specialists. So the demand for designers will increase. Many companies will be hiring designers to develop cars, gadgets and other industrial products. Finally, specialists in human resources and organizational development. Technological and socio-economic changes will lead to disappearance of some jobs. Instead there will be a need for new jobs. So, businesses will attract human resource specialists to find new talents for new types of work. But regardless of the profession chosen, to be competitive in the European labor market in 2050, the employee will need skills 1. in self-organization, 2. in cross-cultural communication 3. in creative thinking. The ability to communicate their own ideas, knowledge of IT and foreign languages, financial literacy will be required. Creative thinking will be worth investing efforts!

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