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  • As President George Bush said, when referring to the war against ‘terrorism’, “this is not a short-term war! It’s a long-term war”. It’s an effort, then, that only time will tell how long will it last, when will it end, and who will, in fact, prevail. Yet in 2019 EU residents perceive terrorism to be the most important issue facing the EU. In Europe In recent years there has been an increase in terrorist attacks, beginning in 2015 with the killings at the magazine office in Paris. Let me skip definition of the terrorism, it won’t help us much. As the statistic follows: In 2017, 62 people were killed in 33 religiously inspired terrorist attacks in the EU, compared to 135 deaths in 13 attacks in 2016. In 2015, the number of deaths caused by this kind of attack reached a peak, 150.
    How long does it require Europe to remove terrorism from a problem list? Europe has started the first actions against terrorism. In order to safeguard security a new registration system was agreed in 2017, which is expected to control borders and people entering EU. Europe, where security is a major concern for its residents tries to use everything to achieve peace. To criminalize acts such as traveling for terrorist purposes, Europe put in place ‘’EU-wide legislation on terrorism’’ that helps to tackle the foreign fighter phenomenon. Airlines are obliged to make data of their passengers to prevent and investigate terrorist offences and serious crimes. With cutting terrorists sources of revenue, one of the most effective ways interfere terrorist movement is to reduce access to dangerous weapons. With mentioned and other prohibitory ways EU works sparing no efforts and tirelessly to reach the main goal: keeping Europe far from terrorism.
    As I said above security is a major concern for Europeans, that’s the point the vast majority unite against and do more to fight terrorism. The joint effort and common values will help Europe to be the space where everyone’s life rights are saved. And because of EU’s high endeavor to keep itself far from terrorism by 2050 reviewed problem will be remoted. Because Charlie Chaplin in 1940 told us ‘’to fight for a new world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness and as long as men die, liberty will never perish’’.