Europe is the mastermind of globalization which helped the world progress. My future for Europe is to continue bringing that torch to provide light for everyone just like the stars in the constellation.

Europe Will Whenever I hear the word ‘Europe’, the word “Globalization” would directly echo in my mind. Tracing back from my country’s history and the rest of the globe, I am right. From inventions which conquered time and distance, to liberal movements for democracy which inspired people because of that ideology, to peoplxe, the world experienced Globalization because of Europe’s excellent achievements. From past to present, Europe is gradually advancing. And my vision for Europe in the next 30 years is to continue bringing that torch. In the upcoming years, Europe will show more incremental success where much more digitalized globalization will take place. This globalization will createhuge impacts on multitude processes mainly political, economic and culture. The worldwill become more smaller than it is now. Europe like before, will find solutions on problems they face and will continue to face in the future. I could see a much more convenient aerial transportation which makes transport of goods faster and convenient. I could se the possibilities of smart technologies and Artificial intelligence innovations which will pave way in treating human’s psychological disorders and incurable diseases will be treated finally. I could see a silver lining in human rights where asylum seekers and migrants will enjoy their right to stay in Europe because opportunities is aplenty and more man force is needed for Europe to achieve that. I could see a Europe where there is equal and fair human’s enjoyment of rights regardless of their religion, culture, political views and sexual orientation. Europe will also be the world’s most sustainable continent. A sustainable globalization where nature don’t need to compromise everything for future generation. Where fossil fuels will be terminated instead the use of renewable energy will be implemented especially solar and wind. Europe will also find a cheaper way on converting wasteto energy. This will be a springboard to a more sustainable solution to waste management. A sustainable Europe where there is enough but responsible production of goods for human consumption and for the future members of continent. I could see a future Europe where no more elephants will suffer because of ivory trade. EU will become a resourc-efficient, green and competitive low-carbon economy. But above all, I am excited to witness, even though a 50-year old myopic that time has, to witness Peace. Europe has been a continent of peace and it will forever be. I am excited to witness the hybridized but distinctive culture where Muslims could pray together with Christians and other beliefs. Europe will have a stronger image because of its acceptance of diversity. I could foresee a future where there is interplay between culture and diversity where unity and peaceful negotiation is the key to understanding I know and I declare that all of that will happen. After all, European’s value of all is to live life to fullest. Life will become much moreconvenient, free, sustainable and peaceful in Europe in the future. I know that Europe will, if only We will.

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