Hi.My name is Anna,I’m Ukrainian .Im story in 10 th grade and dream of becoming a photographer.Surely each of us wondering what will be in the distant future.This is our human nature-to think.Since we are a little familiar ,let’s take a trip to Europe in the distant 2050,where I will be your guide
Let’s imagine the usual for us things ,in a completely unuasual way for us .Instead of food ,there will be stick-pack with the liquid mixture ,which give energy for the whole day.People will no longer do housework ,because it will be engaged in robots .Clothes will look like thermal suits that will protect from SPF,water and dirt.Comfortable staff,huh?No one is going to be late ,because there will be elevators that teleport us to the destinaion in 5 seconds .pt?People will just forget about such a thing as smartphone that we all depend on now ,because all the information will be stored on the chip.We will be able to communicate through mind reading at any distance .Medicine will reach a new level ,the cure for incurable disease will be found .Cancer will no longer be a deadly diseasethat takes the lives of millions of people. Doctors will be able to make a diagnosis in 3 seconds using a computer. Imagine,you can transplant any part of body ,even the head .Children will be grown as plant in incubators and everyone will be able to become happy parent .Mars will no longer be a mystery everyone ,will be able to visit this planet.Itwill be as simple as to go to the store for bread.Why not?
since I’m a student now I am wondering what school will be in the future? I will say for sure school isn't going to be so boring, or it will notexist at all .There will be many mew subject such as psychology ,teleport , space history ,rocket science .There will be no notebook or books ,because all information will be stored on the chip.There will be no exams that make us quite nervous .Genetic engineering you will become the leading science is it possible to bring back animals on the verge of a extination already extinct animals ,for example ,a mammoth .
I hope I’m not stuff your mind ,but the world is developing with the speed of electric fire .Europe will develop,and there will be such things that now we can hardly take in it.What the future be depends on us ,so let’s take create together !

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