Europe has your face To be honest, while thinking about the Europe and world in general in about 30 years it is much easier to imagine flying cars, total “robotization”, technological singularity, everything but the world without racism, xenophobia, hunger, terrorism and natural disasters. The reason is obvious – in that case, it is easier to build and create something new, than to destroy old and habitual. The problem is – all of these issues are in our minds, in our perception, and it is no button to press that could overload the system and enter the right code. Everything is based on the society. Invention of languages, script or 3D printer – it is our merit. Racism, hunger and so on – it is our fault. Everything begin with a human. No one but you have a power to change everything or at least something – start with a little. We will not be able to change the world since we will not find our actions important. If you do not realize the importance of recycling – nobody will do that instead. If you do not understand, how much pain feel the people that meet with the oppression because of own physiology, place of birth or own views and ideas – nothing will change. If we want to attain social equality we must admit – we are not equal. Someone start the way on the own life’s system of coordinates from a zero, someone from 10 and more, but someone has to spill quite a bit sweat and blood to get at least to a zero. It is life and it is not always about justice. We have to accept it and realize own role in the life – that is the halfway and keep moving. I believe that Europe of the future is a space of conscious, rational and open-minded people. People, who can solve most of the problems while having a dialog, that consists on facts, and no, you don’t have to be diplomat, it doesn’t depend on your social position or the credit card balance. It is all about your consciousness and willingness to change. Everybody has to feel the importance of each decision or its absence. Indifference is worse than a wrong action. It kills every day, destroys our society, planet and, which is more frightful, ruins us from the inside making us blind mass. To make the Europe a better place we need take care about the future generations – teach them how to interact with the society to be proud of being the Europe citizen after. Victor Hugo has told: “He, who opens a school door, closes a prison”. The great idea is hidden in it. Every child is a little scientist who is willing to know, to discover, to invent. However, the real world, the educational system and social norms kills the interest; make us think in the way others used to do. We have to do whatever it takes to save the fire inside them, don’t let them forget how to create, how to love and imagine. Let us try to be kids one more time – imagine! Imagine the Europe. Be careful – Europe has your face!

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