I am travelling in the time machine to Europe in 2050. I can see different countries, cities, houses, parks, streets, faces float before my eyes. I see that much has changed in Europe in a little more than a quater of century. Europe has become much brighter, it flourished like the first spring manifestations of nature. But just recently (at the end of 20th century), the decline and aging of the European nation was predicted. The list was given by countries where the issues of population aging were felt most acutely.
But Europe with honor came out of this situation and today in 2050 we can see this. How and why did this happen? Thanks to the sound policy of the European Union and the leaders of European countries, Europe has opened its doors for a whole wave of migrants (more specifically, Germans from the former USSR, refugees from the CIS countries, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya etc), the migrants could find find their niche here… Many of them arrived with their families; someone found their happiness already in Europe. At first it was difficult to manage the flow of refugees and migrants. Amond them were true enemies, pursuing completely different goals. There was hard work to idenfify them. It was also difficult for those who came to Europe in the hope of finding a second homeland here. It was necessary to overcome the language barrier, get used to new environment, realize and understand what culture they got into.

Tolerant attitude to each other played a positive role in the process of settling migrant flow. Language, customs and traditions were realized, understood and accepted by those who wanted to stay here forever, and who did not want, wer able to return to their native lands. Today Europe is a diverse and interseting LADY. She is growing younger and rejuvenates. One thing in it that never changes – it's a beautiful smile. Europeans always smile openly and sincerely to each other and to a stranger.

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