″For the first time in human history, we will have to take responsibility for managing ourselves. This is probably a much bigger change than any technology, this a change in the human condition.“ Peter Drucker.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s owner, is forecasting that humans will have to merge with machines in order not to become irrelevant in the age of AI . A human being is rerum novarum cupidus, i.e. greedy for new things. The world is constantly making progress, so before us new dilemmas are presented- is there a limit and where is it located? This will return us to the philosophical questions regarding the sense of our existence and our mission as well as to the ethics question – Is it moral to merge a human being with a machine? In the era of innovations, we will gamble with the human role in robotic society. So, it will be necessary to create such a working environment in which even the most perfect of robots will not have that what makes a man unique and unmatched: a soul.

Take a deep breath, feel the smell of the nonsense and guess where we are. Now, extend your hands and swim. Swim through destroyed dreams of clean water, through the bones of extinct dolphins and thank to your parents for taking an extra plastic bag in the market, or an additional straw in the café. Don’t forget to share your picture from your holiday with hashtag Plastific2050.

As well as ecological problems, one of the biggest will be much deeper social inequity- wealthy people will be wealthier, and poor people- poorer. That will provoke massive migrations of people- those from poor areas towards developed ones. The world will be in front of the big challenge- to find an interest of developing every single area uniformly.

If you put a frog into hot water, it will immediately jump out. However, if you put it into cold water, and then incrementally heat up the water, the frog will not be aware that it is in danger, until it’s too late and so will be boiled to death at the end. Mankind has to be aware, even at this moment, that the water in which it is situated, is hot and has to react now before being boiled.

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