Hello, I'm Maria. I'm 19. I study in the Medical College and I'm a future doctor. I live in a technically developed era, where the computers can replace even the teachers . I'm worried about this problem, about that I have to spend a lot of money, so that I can get the right education for becoming a good doctor. But I'm thinking about that some years later I won't be able to find a job. Because today there develop technologies, that will be able to do even what the doctor does. Few people have phenomenal remembrance and few will be able to evince themselves well in such an era of developing technologies .
People think that new technologies will simplify everything. In their opinion, the new overdeveloped equipments are the basic guarantees of raising the standard of living. But people do not think about the ones that get an education for having a good job later. So the developing of the new technologies leads to an inactivity.
The Europe of the 2050's that I imagine is an era of the most developed technologies. But my wish is to see a world, where the human controls his creations, and not ever the reverse

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