Hello, how are you? How do you feel ? Do you feel protected? Do you breath fresh air? Do you know how the snow looks like? And Do you think your children will feel the same? Do you think your children will know how the snow looks like?
Let me show you….
Imagine Europe , 2050, worm spring day. we are walking through wide street, at the one side of which there are 2 women drinking a coffee. What do you think they are talking about?About Love? Or maybe they are afraid to talk about love, because their relations are prohibited and they cant make a family?
Look at these kids. How cute they are playing with the water. Do you think they know that this water could be a snow? No. There is no winter in 2050.

Or Arent you hot? Maybe you want a glass of water?But don’t ask me Why the water is more expensive than cocacola? Because there is no clean water in Europe anymore
Look at the sun. Do you see it? No? Its because the smog covered it. Air pollution is so high that people don’t see the sun anymore.
Have you noticed that people, who surround us are wearing oxygen mask? Is because this air is so polluted that is not suitable for breathing anymore.
Would you like to live in such Europe? Europe without sun, air, snow, without freedom to love?

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