What you have just witnessed: the incurability of cancer patients, the lack of effective drugs and defective children's lives with genetic diseases which occurred over 30 years ago. These problems personally concerned each of us. No one was immune to the fact that these diseases would affect us and there were no effective medicines available to everyone.

Now, in 2050, thanks to the development of genetic engineering mankind has found a solution. By embedding alien DNA fragments in an embryo or an existing adult organism the human genome can be changed. Thus, the organism acquires new, uncharacteristic signs. In 2050 one of the prevalent aspects of the use of genetic engineering is in the field of medicine. All of these methods have found application in the treatment of genetic diseases and oncology, they provide the opportunity to help infertile women be impregnated and to help others recover from HIV infection. Stepping back from the fears of innovation and ethical problems that previously existed in society, we now have the opportunity to save the lives of millions and make the dream of every patient’s recovery into reality.

We now have the key to salvation for mankind and by 2050 we can forget about the so-called plague of the 21st century. What else is genetic engineering capable of?

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