As we all want to live in a balanced world , I want that Europe will be that world. I want healthy environment, clean water and clean air. I only want safe chemicals in my house and water that is good to drink. I want to be able to fill my lungs with clean healthy air. A Europe where the energy is clean and bio; where the power comes only from the sun and the wind. Where plants can thrive and where you know the food on your plate is good for you. I want a nature that recycles everything and doesn't waste nothing.
The EU produces more than 79 billion tonnes of packaging every year and that amount just keeps going, and just LESS than half of it is recycled or turned into compost.About 88 billion tonnes of food are wasted in the EU each year mostly by households. It's really incredible to know that we waste food while at the same time every day 1 billion of people are going to bed hungry.So I imagine in the future an european society that no longer needs landfills or incinerators.People want smarter and healthier lifestyle.
Plastic waste and food waste were the two major economical, social and environmental problems , but now they are a CHALLENGE facing Europe.
Eventhogh imagining the future is hard , I do imagine a ZERO WASTE Europe in 2050 because the future is already started . A Europe where we can look back after 2050 and say : yes we did it , we turned things around. A green and clean Europe we can all be proud of. 2050 isn't far away, that's why we need to make sure we are on the right path.

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