Europe in 2050 is a united continent, the sole home of us all where rows are handled with wisdom but not violence and countries give advice to one another so they take the best of each.

Children turn into role model adults since we boost their problem-solving skills and knowledge of our history. How can a doctor treat a patient without knowing what aches they have or even how the body works?
Those patients are countries and that is why we see education as our most valuable tool.
But it is teachers who must be best briefed about how to teach and what. Lessons are partly outdoors to learn about the world firsthand instead of staring at a blackboard; books are for reading not for memorising and philosophy, from our ancient Greeks, teaches how to use reason properly.

Wages are proportional to one´s effort, with no worker underpaid, nor overpaid. A fair economy led by a paternalistic state which rewards its citizens depending on their achievements like one´s own children. Employees do not work funny hours so they are allowed to spend plenty of time with their loved ones.

Also,heads of state are well qualified as to how to lead such a tricky thing as a country, whose major worries are society´s and they never take advantage of their position.

Pollution is to have decreased considerably by not burning fossil fuel and making use of renewables since our planet is above cost saving. Consequently, scientists´ main aim will be to discover new ways of producing energy cleanly.

There is consciousness of our attitude towards other living things, so sustainable development is reached.
Supermarkets sell all products in bulk, disposing of plastic containers, and organic farming feeds citizens. Meat production is to be reduced regarding how much this contributes to global warming and how much we abuse this.

We are a healthier society in which diseases are largely prevented by promoting physical exercise, a vegetable based diet and mental wellness. When treated, it is always by the best way possible for the patient.
In hospitals, conventional medicine and alternative therapies go hand in hand. They are cosy and cheerful environments set in green areas where patients are cared for by thoughtful doctors and nurses.
We reach a good old age and old people´s homes are just as lively as hospitals, in providing enjoyable activities which brighten their daily lives. There, the elderly are encouraged to receive death with resignation.

2050, just about 30 years away, seems to be far but it is actually on our doorstep, and what we will find before our eyes the moment we open the door depends on every single action we take before that time comes. We can live today as if there were no tomorrow, or else we can gather strength.

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