The idea for this video came up naturally and from personal experience. For a very long time before I decided to ask for help, I’d kept everything inside, I wouldn’t have dared to talk to anyone, because I was to ashamed to admit it. When I realized I couldn’t take it anymore I told my friend and learnt that she fought the same battles as me. Then I talked to my mum and decided to go to therapy. Things got better! I want to speak up about this topic and help people.

PITCH: In 31 years I’ll be 50. I’ll be wiser, I suppose, more experienced. -And the world? -The world will be a better place. -How? -You’ll see more tear-stained people on the streets, more relaxes faces, more sincere smiles. -Tear-stained people? I don’t understand! -What don’t you understand? Look around you and tell me what you see! -Everyone seems happy, everyone’s smiling. -You see them smiling, I see them weeping. I see icicles of sorrow thrust into the hotspot so deep, that they just evaporate. Yet, water’s circling, and even faster than you can imagine. You’re asking me what I want to be different in 2050, what I imagine Europe is like. My answer is: Genuine, I imagine it being genuine. I don’t know when this took place, nor if it even existed in previous decades, but today, more than ever before, you can see so many cold, dead smiles walking down the streets. From nail biting to severe depresion, from anxiety before test to extreme overeating, the world have never suffered this much before, suffered in silence. Never have there been more suicides than today. And friends? Friends will tell you they always saw them laughing, that they just don’t see how it came to this point, they don’t understand why. They’ll tell you they never sought help. The thruth is, they did, maybe not directly, but every denied call, every absent look hid a sleepless night, cry for help, longing for a support.They’ll start seeing psychologist .For months they’ll be lying to you how every Thursday evening, right at 7pm, they have this family dinner they can’t postpone, and that’s why they can’t meet you. Then it will start killing them slowly, because no one can find out the truth. That’s why, whenever you ask me what kind of place I want to live in, I’ll tell you I want to live in a place where you can talk openly about mental health, where, if I had a bad day, you’ll be more than glad do get me through to your psychologist, for mine was away. I wish we put less preassuer on each other, starting with educational institutions. I can’t tolerate the idea of me ending up livinig on the street unless I hit the highest score on all the exams I take.I wish you didn’t tell me I can’t be deppressed only because I’m 18. I wish you didn’t tell me I’m spoilt just because I burst into tears in the middle of the hallway. I wish you didn’t get mad when I tell you I can’t go out. I don’t want to lose you as a friend if we don’t see each other for 10 days, because I ‘ just like that decided not to leave the house’. If only your judgement could calm, so that I could hear what I feel. So please, put your hand on my shoulder and tell me you’ll stay. That’s when I’ll know that I can.

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