In 2050th Traffic jams, noise, car accidents and exhaust gases will no longer be a problem For Europeans because of only electric vehicles will be driven throughout the whole continent. Also the entry for private cars to every European metropolis will be severely limited by law. Citizens will begin to use a high-tech electric public transport operated by autopilots. This will lead to a significant savings of people’s time and money, as well as affect the preservation of the continent’s ecology. In twenty fifty there is no more need in smoking factory pipes. All energy in Europe will be extracted only from natural resources, such as sun, wind and water. All production will be waste free with full recycle garbage. Together with program of restoration the forest cover it will lead to cessation of environmental pollution with it’s gradual restoration. Due to launch of many modern satellites mobile communication will cover all territory of Europe. You can be on-line everywhere you go. Thanks to nanotechnology, that phones will be so small, that you don’t need pockets for devices , the phone can be kept in your ear. Viruses and diseases will never again bother the citizens Europe 2050. The level of medical progress will be so high that it will be able to determine any health problem at very early age and prevent the most illnesses for whole life. The increases of lifetime and level happiness are become as consequences. Technologies have reached new level of progress. Now kids learn cosmology, complex systems and how it works since junior school. Space exploration goes very actively. Who knows, maybe in future Europeans will inhabit not only a continent, but also a new planet

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