The world is surprising. It changes from year to year. It is difficult to talk about such a distant future. We as citizens are accustomed to new discoveries, to changes, to more and more modern technologies. The technique is changing, but our perceptions are also changing. Thanks to many programs supporting youth, it can develop not only in its own country, but also abroad. Thanks to this, he has the chance to meet people from other countries, to integrate with them, to get to know cultures. If we meet these people, we will understand that every person deserves worthy treatment and opportunities. I hope that Europe in 2050 will be free from any exclusion based on sex, origin or orientation. We have a chance to get to know each other and getting to know is extremely important to understand. My idea of ​​Europe in 2050 is that globalization and numerous programs will make us fight discrimination and exclusion. I also hope that everyone will realize by then that the future also depends on him and that everyone has a chance to change something and help others.
I also hope that the prospects of young people living in villages or small towns will increase. Currently, many talented people go to big cities in search of the desired education or work. Opening new faculties at universities in small towns, numerous domestic and international exchanges, improving communication, courses and programs aimed at educating and broadening the horizons of people living in rural areas and small towns would certainly increase the social involvement of these people. I hope that the chances of development for these people will be more and more strongly supported and in 2050 villages and small towns will be so developed that life in them will not limit the potential of talented people.
I also hope that in 2050 the ecological situation in Europe will improve, among others, through the popularization of electric cars, solar panels and wind turbines. Domestic wind turbines use free wind energy and are successfully used in many single-family homes. And although it is still not possible to talk about their popularity, the market offer of these devices is considerable. Despite high prices, more and more people are choosing this type of investment. Zero-energy construction is an innovative way of designing and erecting residential buildings that independently generate energy from natural resources for their own use. I hope that this type of construction in 2050 will be very common.

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