In this video I decided to talk about the main problems, in my opinion, that are in Europe. And also told how it was possible to solve these issues. And how I see Europe in 2050.


Hello dears! Let me introduce myself, I am Serik Abdrakhmanov from Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan. After learning about the creative contest “Imagining Europe in 2050”, I, like all concerned people from around the world, decided to take part in this competition. I’ve never been to Europe, but I’ve always wanted to visit it. For many centuries, Europe has experienced many events. These are religious, civil and two world wars, plague epidemic, many revolutions, and so on. And in the 21st century, European countries are experiencing acute social and economic crises, as well as a number of political confrontations.

Terrorism – today is one of the main and serious problems in Europe and around the world. It can be solved by means of objective assessment and methods of combating it, as well as in the development of an effective legal and social framework.

Another problem is migration. It is indirectly linked to the problem of terrorism. Modern Europe, is experiencing the largest migration crisis since the end of world war II and the Balkan wars. To solve the problem of mass migration, it is necessary to develop a social policy of tolerance towards migrants from abroad. In this document, high humanitarian standards and conditions for work, as well as proposals aimed at protecting the rights of the majority will have to be spelled out. Including the protection of human rights to Express their thoughts freely. At the same time, it is necessary to solve the problems and conflicts in the countries from which the main flow of migrants comes.

Also, the Council of Europe and members of the state need to develop a stable and recognized platform for improving communication with representatives of religious and non-religious organizations. By 2050, Europe needs to remain a society with a single system of political space, without pressing social and ethnopolitical issues.

 Important topic today is the issue of health, along with her follow the aging problem and low birth rate of the population. To solve these problems, I believe that it is necessary to develop new principles of social policy and responsibility of citizens. In particular, it is necessary to adopt a policy of healthy eating, prevention and restriction of tobacco use, alcoholism and drug addiction aimed at protecting the health of the population, as the basis for a prosperous future of Europe.

At the end of my essay, I sincerely wish and believe that Europe and all the countries of this unique part of the world will create a new system of governance and cooperation by 2050. They will work out a new course of harmonious development of the economy, civil society and social harmony. And also, everywhere will solve emerging problems and issues, making common efforts to preserve peace, harmony and prosperity. And I want this white paper pigeon to bring peace and prosperity to all European countries.

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