In 2050 Europe will be bigger and more colorful. More nations will share their unique traditions. They will live peacefully together with shared values. They will make each other stronger, will build stronger economy.
I see no more tears for the ones whose death may be caused by fatal diseases because they will always be cured. I see the technology developing in the right direction helping us to stay healthy, letting us to take immediate and effective actions for dealing with disasters for minimizing the instant and delayed losses as a result of it. In more and more countries only electric cars will be allowed.
I see people with problem solving oriented quality education. This is the most important as proper thinking will let us to see the consequences of our actions. All of us will realize our responsibilities and will not stay unconcerned. At last we will learn from our past lessons. We will all know that “This is how it works and therefor this is how it must be done” is not fair approach and will follow the principle of “This is how we imagine it and therefor this is how we will do” because we may be doing bad but mostly imagining good and if we follow our imagination than we will be mostly doing good. We never imagined clean ocean in past and that`s why we do not have it now, we had plans without imagination!
I imagine everyone participating in decision making thorough the whole Europe. Using modern technologies makes the governance effective. I imagine one big network connecting all of us letting each person to be seen, heard and able to participate. It will take several seconds for the procedures taking hours and days today. We will have more time to take care about our mother nature, to stand for our values.
This is how I imagine Europe in 2050. We all imagine better Europe and must plan the future following these imaginations.

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