After 30 years, Europe will undergo major changes. The most important and significant changes we will consider in this video. 1) The number of Muslims in Europe will double by 2050 Every year more and more Muslims come to Europe. Especially to Germany, Austria, Italy their number is growing rapidly. This is evidenced by studies of the Institute of Pew in Washington. According to Pew, in 2017 the total number of Muslims in Europe increased to 25.8 million, which is 4.9% of the total population. If Europe closes its borders right now, which is unlikely, and then by 2050, the Muslim population will almost be doubled by 7.4%. The fact is that Muslims who come to European countries are generally younger and on average have more children than Europeans. By the way, Switzerland and Norway are also at risk, although they are not part of the European Union. Another scenario is a decrease in the number of refugees, but an increase in the flow of other immigrants. With this option, the increase in the Muslim population will reach 11.2% 2) The taste of coffee will change a lot by 2050 Recently published studies on climate change have upset all lovers of the flavored drink: it turns out that in the near future more than half of the current plantations in Ethiopia will become unsuitable for growing coffee. Similar forecasts are made for other “coffee countries”, by 2050 in Brazil, Indonesia and Colombia, coffee plantations will be halved. And the reason for that – is global warming. The fact is that the taste of coffee beans depends on many factors, including the environment. When agricultural land in Ethiopia, Brazil and other countries becomes smaller, coffee plantations can be transferred to mountainous areas, in a more favorable climate. On the one hand, this will potentially increase the land available for growing coffee four times, on the other hand, such drastic changes in the external environment, temperature and soil will certainly affect the coffee taste. In addition, the coffee reserve fund is under threat, so millions of coffee trees will have to transplant. Perhaps producers will be able to make coffee more resistant to heat and drought using genetic engineering. Otherwise, fans will have to pay more for a cup of coffee: it will become not only less tasty, but also more expensive. Considering that a great number of coffee lovers and valuers live in Europe – this will definitely affect Europe. 3) By 2050, the Crimea will go under the water and become Atlantis By 2050, the Crimean coast, long since loved by many tourists, will be under the waves of the Black Sea. The causes of terrible cataclysms should be global warming and greenhouse gases. Failure in the work of the ecosystem and climatic conditions, first of all, will be felt by the mountain regions – the Crimea and the Carpathians. The southern coast of Crimea will be flooded: sea level will rise sharply, and endless rains will fall on the peninsula. When the sea level rises, not only the peninsula, but also other southern regions of Ukraine will be flooded. The water level will rise not only in the Black Sea, but also in the Azov Sea. 4) People are long-lived British aging expert Aubrey de Gray believes that the first person to live to 150 years old is already born. To my mind this person lives in Spain, because by life expectancy by 2050 Spain will displace Japan to the second place, which is now the leader in this list. Already in 2040, the average life expectancy of Spaniards will reach 85.8 years. One of the possible reasons for such successes in the field of longevity is in the Mediterranean diet, the peculiarity of which is that by adhering to it, people eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, fish, and there is little meat and eggs. Also Switzerland, Italy, France, Luxembourg are will be included in the international ranking of long-lived countries. 5) Insects – the food of the future Perhaps in the near future, insects will become food and it is they who will save humanity from hunger. Already, in America and Europe, insects are prepared both at home and on the street. Fried grasshoppers are served on secular points and receptions. However, many doctors disagree with the statement that insects are a healthy substitute for meat. Entomophagy – the so-called practice of eating insects. If in Africa and Asia, insect dishes are included in the daily menu, the European Community is just beginning to attach importance to this. With an increase in the population of up to 9 billion people by 2050, which representatives of the European Union’s food safety agency are very confident about, insects can be the best source of food for humanity.

In my project, I assembled the cuttings of various videos, thus having previously written the text and asked my group mate to voice it. Also in this video, I wanted to, if possible, show what would happen in Europe in 2050 in my opinion. But as for the ideas and ways of solving many social problems in Europe, it would be nice to discuss there, that is, in Europe itself, alongside world leaders. At the round table, I would like to talk about the most burning issues and to tell what will happen in Europe in 30 years, and also to share my knowledge and in exchange get valuable advice from world experts. P.S Perhaps I did not fully understand the assignment and did not explain my ideas in this way, because in 3 minutes it’s impossible to tell everything. But I really wanted to participate in your competition.

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