My vision of Europe in 2050. When I firstly visited Europe I was really impressed. I noticed, how their life are different to us. Everything seemed to be another. To start with the roads, till the culture, European worship. No wonder, it is said, everything is learnt by a comparison. And to make the conclusion we can only after seeing certain things from different sides. First delight, first emotions after travelling faded away and I think, I have become a bit older, so I would like to analyze all advantages and disadvantages of living in Europe and try to imagine how it will be looking like in 2050. First question is in a big amount of immigrants, pressure of who can not be stopped by European government. Europe faced with really serious problem. Because of war in the Middle East, a lot of people were left without shelter, so they came to a fork of the road, to die, or try to immigrate to Europe, of course it is illegal, but they have to climb through barbwires on border. The measures have been taken, but we can not claim for sure. I personally think immigrants to have found more ways to survive, and by 2050 population of Europe will have increased. The next problem is in a lack of money, so all European economics depend on Germany and France. Economic crisis is the second big problem in Europe. The poorest countries are Greece, Portugal, Spain and Ireland, however number of other, more rich countries are also trying to suffer from crisis. They are laying off spoil, try to axe costs. Scientists believe that Europe will disappear on countries, like it happened with England. But it is not a solution of the problem, a lot of rich countries will have conquered poor countries like this action was in the past for lots of times. It is said that there are one more problem which is also collected with population, the number of dying is bigger than the number of born. Actually If it is not the problem of immigrants I put this problem on the first place, but it is connected things, and I think European government will have finally thought out that immigrants can solve this problem, in that case the most population will be Afro-Americans. In the conclusion I would like to say that in common meaning of the word “Europe” will have totally disappeared, and on the area of ex-Europe many independent from each other countries will be, the most part of population will be Afro-Americans, some countries will have conquered another countries (rich countries will have conquered poor).

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