Hello, I am Petra and this challenge made me realize that our world is modernizing faster and faster.
Taking into account that the inventors want to imprime on our skin our identification number and our passport numbers, I will try to imagine how Europe will be in 2050.
Let us think whether these will happen: I hope we won’t have to bother about somebody stealing our papers or identity. I also imagine that robots will be living among us, not only in restaurants. Of course if we modernize the cars will modernize too. So, there will be flying cars, which for some will be useful, but other will consider them totally weird.
If these things will get better let us hope that justice and laws will change for the better too.
For instance, criminals should have chips implanted so that next time they will abstain from doing bad things.
I also hope people will help each other no matter their race.
I think these will be beneficial for me because I like that things change all the time and I like new challenges and new opportunities that help me grow.
Europe in 2050 will be strong and her citizens too.

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