Due to the rapid development of world progress, almost all technical work will be automated and brought to absolute exact fulfillment without human participation. A person will be assigned to perform more service functions and control the coherence of some elements. For the majority of the population, it will still be important to fulfill social needs, which may be organized through social mobile applications, where anyone can participate depending on the level of skill or leveling up their skills. And those who have completed the assigned tasks in good faith will receive statuses and new levels of development. The control of such systems will involve specialists, since the integrity of the entire structure will depend on their well-coordinated work.
In many ways, the improvement of technological processes in the auto industry will play its role. The production of electric cars will be put on stream, therefore, the use of fuel will be reduced and it will be cheaper to cost countries that are less progressive.
Due to the large-scale appearance of electric cars, it will be necessary to start production of electric generators, power stations and tanks. Also, do not forget about the safety of people and the preservation of nature, I now mean the proper operation of electric accumulators, as well as control over the disposal of batteries and charging stations that are no longer possible to use. With the advent of unmanned taxis, we will need to separate for them a different transport network from electric cars. Because there is a great danger of various cyberattacks on the control of the bilge machine and traffic in general will be very difficult to predict in the general flow.
Solving the problem of transporting garbage can be accomplished using systems that work on the HyperLoop principle, which will reduce the time it takes to move garbage in containers from points of the city to the recycling site using underground nodes. Thus, you can get rid of the rotting of garbage on the streets and reduce traffic flow. It is important to learn how to properly use garbage waste, as is done in Singapore, that is, the creation of artificial islands.
To simplify the work of medical institutions, it is necessary to use devices that determine the adoption of the required dose of vitamins or which ingredients should be abandoned in order to normalize the work of the organs. An important aspect in ensuring a comfortable stay of citizens and guests of the city is worth noting – the creation of autonomous oxygen terminals.
The new generation will still be interested in the sphere of entertainment that exists today, but on a larger scale. For example, these are paintball fights with semi-professional training, TV broadcasts and bets on teams.

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