Europe is one of the fast-growing and populated continents. What makes it different from other continents is its historical places, level of education, and social policies. However, there is also a downside of it all.
One of the main issues that I’d like to talk about is the war refugees. In 2015 and 2016 Europe experienced a huge influx of refugees. They were coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan. In 2016 46.7% of Syrians and 22.8% of Afghans crossed Mediterranean sea. By the end of 2016, 5.2 million refugees registered in Europe. Most of them are families with children under 10 years old. They have settled in Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.
Why were they obliged to leave their hometowns, relatives and friends? Because it was the only option to escape the civil war and political conflicts which made their lives very challenging in a lot of ways. Of course the reaction of most of the European people to this whole situation is absolutely understandable. Protesting is another form to protect and keep themselves and their kids safe. And then the first question that comes to my mind is protecting from what? Yes, it is horrible that the only way the refugees can survive and provide for their own kids is by breaking into someone’s house, commit crimes, steal and the list goes on. So I think what would really help to eliminate such mindset is to provide them with free education on the first place. Secondly, to offer them to apply for asylum and give a chance to get a job. From my point of view, that would be the best way to solve one of the main issues European citizens are having with the war refugees at the moment.
I could never imagine how it’s like to escape the place where you were growing and making memories with your family and friends. But what worse than that is seeing how your hometown is getting destroyed, people you’ve been growing with are dying in your hands, being prepared to lose your loved ones in any second, hearing the bombarding sounds any time of the day and seeing these horrible pictures with your own eyes. I believe, only we can change and make our community a better and safer place by 2050. I also think Europe will be one of the most advanced, powerful and diverse continent, which will have a safe place for every nationality, religion, ethnicity and cultural background. Let’s not forget that when we are together for better changes in our society, it is already a huge step for our bright and prosperous future.

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