Would you like to be in the nature with high-tech facilities and comfortable accommodation, would you like to ride an off-road or a horse during your lunch break, so Imagine yourself being as close to nature as possible, having both fun and serious working environment with your co-workers, playing golf or driving off-roads in your leisure time while other workers are spending their time in their ordinary office environment. Then imagine yourself sighting the sunset in the heart of Armenian nature, and sleeping in spacious and luxurious dome facilitated with high-end technology.
This is just summary of what IT camp is providing its visitors by 2050. Renting a working space will be both beneficial for IT companies and its workers, as IT camp is designed in a way that encourages co-working environment, and motivates workers to do their project more effectively. IT camp will itself provide professional mentors to extend a helping hand to workers in case of necessity and will hold master classes hosting the most high-ranking professionals of their field. IT camp is a working environment which combines both holiday and working day.
This is the practical and doable future I imagine I can bring to the community of the most beautifully rich region in Armenia.
One may say, I am presenting a specific practical business plan, so that one will not be mistaken, because I am sure that when we start imagining and acting locally bearing in mind global orders and change, we are sure to create a better world with all of our local activities let it be social or business.

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