What awaits Europe in 30 years? Developed region with high economic indicators, the newest technology, the best standard of living, freedom of speech and the highest life duration? Or at the same time, a region overflowing with corruption, dictatorship, violence?
2015 was marked for Europe by a multiple increase in the flow of migrants and refugees from the Middle East and from North Africa. This European migration crisis, the European Commission has already recognized as the largest since World War II.
Not every migrant is a refugee. Economic migration can be considered successful if the well-being of the migrant increases, in case of refugees, the task is to save lives and ensure the safety of people.

There is an overload of the health system, migrants arriving in Europe are automatically entitled to medical care, and therefore it’s necessary to save on other areas: ecology, education, protection of the external borders of the EU.

When refugees move to another country, there’s a limited amount of places to live in, that’s why they start living in streets and parks. They are putting up tents making fires. The problem is, that the place they’re living on is getting dirty. People start collecting useless and unnecessary staff near their tents and turn it into a landfill.

Moreover, people of different nationalities have to get used to the life of European people, that’s appeared to be totally unfamiliar to them.

Therefore such kind of changes could make a significant impact on cultures and environment of the countries. But still, we don’t take it as problem or an issue, we are concerned about the future and legacy of every nation. Whether we like or not, we have to admit it. The well-being of every resident is the main thing the government should work on as the more you have, the more you can give.

How do we see Europe in 2050? It’s a debatable question which requires a proper analyzing. Everything changes faster than we think. With every invention come changes. With changes come problems and issues that people confront every single moment. But personally, we don’t want to look at migration as a problem and hope that in the future the EU will find the way to help immigrants without brining harm to various nationalities and there internal life.

Someone is waiting for a split in Europe. After all, today the rich regions of individual countries want to get the status of an autonomous state. Will migration not lead to larger layer between the rich and the poor? Maybe migrants will realize that they are visiting, and will begin in 30 years to follow the rules of the country that accepted them, and not create chaos. Maybe by 2050 we will no longer see the furious attacks, violence, looting by the refugees. No one can say for sure, but we know one thing – Europe will change, and what these changes will be depends only on us and our approach to the situation.

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