This is a video that expresses all my imagination and hopes about the future of Europe. Though my idea may not be complete, these are words from the bottom of my heart as I witnessed recent cases of terrorism and cyber attack that affected millions of lives . I hope that my view of Europe in 30 years will add to the diverse imagination of others and create a basis for us to share our ideas with each other.

Hi, when I show you this picture, you can recognize straight away the beautiful Paris of France, and probably can guess too, that it may be late winter or spring. When I show you this picture, what do you think? France in summer, right? But no, it’s actually France in spring, the only difference is that it is spring these days. Compared to the French spring in which the temperature was around 4°C, some days now are about 20°C, a shocking 14°C-gap. Climate change is worsening, and so are many current problems in Europe. However, I still see hope in this magnificent continent. I see hope when I watched the inspiring speech of Greta Thunberg at UN Climate Change COP 24 Conference, the sixteen-year-old girl who traveled 26 hours by train instead of flying to make a speech about climate change before world leaders. I see hope when Yasmin Green, the co-chair of the European Commission’s Working Group on Online Radicalization launched Against Violent Extremism, the world’s first online network of former violent extremists and survivors of terrorism. I see hope when Alexander Betts, a millennial, protects immigrants by protecting people who are fleeing disaster, yet fall outside legal definitions of refugee status. I see hope when the young Martin Boudot, a courageous journalist went to great lengths to make series of scientific investigations on environmental issues. I see hope because the young are taking the initiatives everyday to make the slightest change to the lives around them. That’s why in thirty years to come, I have every reason to believe in a society of empowerment. It is a world where every voice, however faint, will matter, where all genders are treated with no difference, where the security systems are so effective that threats of terrorism are extinguished right in their infancy, where artificial intelligence will thrive but will never dominate humans, where science can better people’s health, where all races can live in harmony because no life is taken for granted and where humans are more humane. Though there is a still a long way to go, there are many ways we can help create a better Europe as well as a better world together. The young, the future of the world can do many things to achieve this: being aware of our rights, knowing local and international issues, speaking up when needed, spreading the words to others via many means such as campaigns or social media and finally, be passionate and creative. Creativity will help you come up with innovative ideas to benefit the community, and passion will turn the ideas into reality. The ways are just as simple as that. It is only about 30 years until we can see if my projections come true. In the meantime, such world-changing actions have to be continued and multiplied, so that hope remains not just hope, but hope will turn into something right before our eyes.

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