Europe 2050. is still you!

The vision of future starts today, because the generation that would be living in 2050. and on top of their power is being raised now, and today’s decision makers are witnesses of past mistakes and early adopters of the great technological revolution. My vision of Europe is built on possibilities that technology offers, fighting social problems with scientific solutions and adapting to the new ideas. Imagine it!

Europe 2050. could be the intersection of economic and industrial transition to a completely green tech world; a digitally formed reality that simplifies life; a place where the quality of life of ordinary people is a base for healthy society and the quality of nature is foundation of preserving the peace and our lives. Environmental and climate issues would be a wound that still did not heal because transition to renewable energy had started too late, and the consequences will be visible in still endangered coastal cities and unstable weather causing distress and migrations. Because of this people of 2050. Would be aware that they cannot survive without nature, living in modest eco style, working mostly in a field of environment preservation, education, medicine, law and digital security, agricultural and food industry all of them advanced and upgraded by science and new age technology. There could be formed special inhabited green areas equally important and competitive as the cities.

The industrial landscape could be different – entrepreneurial Europe could develop new and innovative industries and business, so the great tech progress could meet natures needs and ordinary people’s capacities with new jobs and providing enough resources for sustainable economy and human well being. The risks of spread digitization, artificial intelligence and robotics by taking old ways of work – making social instability could be reduced by the regulations and design of new ways of business along with creative thinking in these areas.

Europe could keep her own identity, participating on global environmental and political goals giving the rest of the world an example of transitioning and adaptations. It would consist of unity of independent countries with their own transformation, cooperating together based upon mutual goals, past, morals and values, rooted in the principle of individuality with solution for common problems adjusted to local level . People would know that they depend on each other and winners of 2050. would be those who learn how to live peacefully and organized in the community and sustainably upon the planet.
Some of these visions might happen. We can’t escape the change but we can manoeuvre it.
So, what would be the first step now to the best possible outcome and which move would be yours?

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