Hello friends, We are Simona and Petar and together we are going to tell you about our vision of Europe in 2050. Briefly: Birth place: Europe Race: Human Politics: Together We believe that in 30 years Europe is going to have one common government and about 50 governors for each district. Together all of us, no matter race, sex or religion, will again make Europe the leader of Research and Development, leader in innovation and mover of the future. At the moment Europe is a leader in gaming industry and we have the potential, the opportunity and the chance to take the next step – combining the Entertainment industry with the big companies in the field of manufacturing, trade, service and etc. We know that the employers are most of all looking for experienced candidates. They are looking for not only knowledge of things but also for specific experience in the exact field of work. Not every company can afford long enough on the job training, so the junior employees can maintain enough of experience. Companies can not afford to provide an environment that is not effected by making mistakes. On the other hand, we – the young, gather information at schools, universities, colleges. But this information is not built to and does not appeal to the needs of a particular employer. But Business needs an experienced employee… Now! Now imagine a virtual environment, interactive game which helps you maintain experience in a field that you are interested in, while having fun. For example: you will be able to set up an electrical installation, to mend engines or electrical equipment so to gain experience as an electrician. You will be able to sell products and face all kind of cases and real clients’ requirements in an environment purposed for training traders. Or you are just going to develop some of the key professions of the future. The more experience you gain, the more levels you will pass through. And at the final level – you will be ready for work! The results are: you have passed through the levels; you have certified experience and while having fun you are helpful for the society! In addition we gain more flexibility according to the needs of the matket and an opportunity to redirect the human resources from one industry to another. We will be able to adapt to the changes of the future much faster. In short: we will be more intelligent.

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