Hello everyone, people from 2050y are writing to you now. Do you wonder what our life is like now? We decided to send you a letter from the future, because more recently, young and inexperienced in 2019, a novice scientist from Germany, Fredrik Muller, invented a time machine.
For the beginning, it would be desirable to tell: our life became much easier after one physicist from the Great Britain has invented the engine which allows to process a solar power in mechanical. In consequence, cars began to work unassisted fuel that has led to elimination of a problem of ecology, with which you, our ancestors, struggle at the moment.
To study in educational establishments became more interestingly and more quickly after reform of formation which have approved in 2039 year, namely: we have departed from the out-of-date adaptations and have entered all-new procedures of training which have allowed to reduce time of reception of a full average and higher education in the sum till 10 years. There was a possibility to be trained by means of glasses of a virtual reality which provide such companies as Apple, Google, Samsung and Lenovo. Projects of a different degree of complexity are carried out owing to special manual touch holographic projectors.
During unexpected deficiency of foodstuff in 2028 year, community of the French chemists, after long attempts to solve this problem, have surprised the world with the opening. They have deduced the formula of such substance which has allowed to accelerate growth of plants in one thousand times, such as: wheat, a potato, an onions and so on.
Legislations of many countries provide realization of change of some vital bodies to the certain age for that what to increase life expectancy of the population. Above artificial cultivation of these bodies work in the best laboratories of the Great Britain, Italy and Sweden.
At the moment the quantity of the poor countries in the world was reduced, as in 2032 year the European Union has approved the project according to which more than 30 countries of the world were united for fund raising which have gone on progress of these poorest states. In current of 18 years of the EU country and not only would work for that that these peoples have felt support and the help in the side. In consequence, many factories that has enabled people to work and provide itself with all necessary have opened.
On all territory of the European Union private enterprises on processing garbage began to appear. They became both one of resources of power supply of cities, and the factor of reduction of unemployment. It is necessary to tell, that all equipment has been provided by German engineers who shared the conclusive experience with other countries. The especial technology of processing which does not give in to publicity, allows to limit at the most emissions in an atmosphere.
The quantity of necessary work on the raised risk of danger has decreased. On such seats as: mines, chemical combines, construction of strategically important objects and colleges of genic engineering have been widespread special robots with a possibility of a controllable artificial intellect. Introduction of robots in human life has allowed to refuse such trades, as servants, yard keepers, cleaners and so forth.
In additives, there were hearings, that physicists from Czech Republic have denied, apparently, an indisputable fact of that the perpetual motion machine can`t exist, having invented it. They yet did not give the official information and refuse to give any comments and interview.
Whether you can believe what some years all the countries of the world do not carry out any military actions aside each other? In 2045 year on February, 10th at Peace conference the certificate about full refusal of manufacture of the weapon for a definite period has been signed. As the initiator the known political scientist from the Netherlands Vladimir Platonov who immigrated to Rotterdam in 2021 year has acted.
Well, here such Europe waits for you in 2050 year. It would be desirable to tell, that we live during extremely fine time without illnesses, famine and unemployments. We have constructed the world in which it would be desirable to live, love, breathe a full breast and to be happy. In which it is not terrible to raise children and to experience for their light future. As our ancestors spoke: « the Europe in each of us. And we are proud this proud rank « the European » ».

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