Hi everyone, my name is Ilesanmi Esther from Nigeria. I will love to visualize Europe in 2050 from the following perspectives;

The Environment; climate change is global issue and Europe is not an exception. Global warming and sea level rise caused by human activities will continue for centuries leading to melting of ice and increasing global sea level. I hope to see Europe in the realization of sustainable city in the next 30 years. Europe that has secured its environment by engaging in Eco-friendly activities like the use of renewable energy, eradication of fossil fuel, recycling of waste materials and new plantation of trees. Europe That has secured mother earth for the generations to come.

Also, I will like to visualize it from the perspective of Education, it is through education That young people acquire basic life skills and competence that are necessary for personal development and that of the society. I visualize a Europe with inclusive and equittable distribution of quality education made affordable, accessible and with lightning learning opportunities for all.

In the next 30 years, I hope to see a peaceful and unified Europe who is politicallly and economically strong, making smart decisions by partnering with other countries to maintain global influence and relevant.

A Europe vast in technology that is changing the world such as virtual imaging, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big data and other forms of technology.

A Europe that has affordable, safe and resilient human settlement s and does not see other citizens as threat but instead embrace a diversified community with good intercultural relationship and still maintain their own cultural heritage.

A Europe with youth inclusion, that has provided safe spaces for their youth to function.
This is the strong Europe I visualize in 2050.
Thank you!

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