“Europe Without Borders”

Hello. My name is Mario Loçka, I am 23 years old and I live in the beautiful country of Albania. Being part of a non EU country has lead me lots of times to imagine my future in Europe and the future of Europe itself.
I envision a better time for all of us. I envision an awakening of the lost hope and missed opportunities. I envision progress. I envision achievements and improvements. And most importantly I envision a good use of the tremendous potentials that our youth has.
Yes, we came a long way of obstacles. But Europe has proven that is unbendable, nothing can divide and ruin its charm.
In 2050 I want to be able to see a fully realized Europe, or an Europe who is fully aware of its goals. We should begin the hard work immediately because nothing is impossible. As long as it can be imagined, it can be done.
I want all of us to be able to find a solution about the refugee crisis that is affecting Europe and its mechanism. In 2050, in my imagination this would be solved and not considered a problem anymore.
I want to experience equal rights for anyone. It is a crucial part of our society that every individual should be considered equal. No matter where you come from, no matter what religion you choose to believe, no matter your sexuality, and the list goes on. I want us to be able to provide a better life for the sick, the poor, the disabled, the humans!
We should be able to provide education for every child, regardless their economical situation. Knowledge is the kind of power which everyone should be able to be equipped with.
In 2050 I imagine all of us loving our planet more. I imagine all of us being devoted advocates against animal cruelty. I imagine an improved Europe towards pollution mechanisms and climate change. I imagine a bloomed Europe.
In 2050 Europe will be gender neutral. There will be more representation of LGBTQ+ community into leading mechanisms. It will be the era of female leadership. I would not mind at all seeing a matriarchal Europe. In fact I would be honored, it would be a better functioning Europe.
I imagine us adapting and evolving regarding technology features as well. It has been proven that there are no limits when it comes to technology. I want that all of us to use this as a benefit to our life. I want us to allow all of it in our everyday activities, but without allowing any negative consequences affecting our emotions, thoughts and ideas.
Finally I envision and borderless Europe. I imagine that there are no borders. No geographical borders, no ideal borders, no capability borders, no thinking borders. I see us collaborating together to improve our Europe for a better future. In 2050 I imagine Europe being stronger than ever, also united, and ready to offer to everyone a better and happier life.


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  • I am completely gripped by your pitch.It obviously is a topic that we must work out in our lives and I thank you for bringing it to us in your charming, dynamic, smart and direct style. You are the Best! 🙏🏻

  • Good to hear some optimistic thoughts about our improvement in the future. Hope that you have right about everything you said despite my opinion that in 2050 we’ll be not to much progressed, not if we don’t change our mentality,and our point of view. Despite everything i wish you all the bests and congratulations for this video.