Europe in 2050
I don't know what will be in 2050 in Europe so I will just imagine it. I think at that time Europe will be the most developed place in the world because its economy is growing very fast each year. I'll not talk about flying cars or something like that, instead, I'll just say that the world and Europe will be different compared to nowadays reality. Maybe there will be chaos because of the shortage of natural resources or it will be a great place like in the films that we watch. Maybe at that time, people will discover another planet like the Earth and we will go to live there without any Europe. Or maybe it is just my childish imagination.
One day my grandmother told me that in their childhood they were watching a science-fiction film where actions took place in 2020 and they were counting how old they will be at that time, thinking that they will live in another planet. In reality, nothing happened, that's why I cannot say anything for the future, just some predictions. The time will come and we will see.
Thanks a lot, this was my vision of Europe in 2050.

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