Leaving behind dark pages of its history, Europe managed to rise from the ashes of the Second World War. In this day and age European culture is developing the ideas of Tolerance and Freedom, the economy is moving to green manufacturing in the postindustrial era, the folk succeeds in protecting their rights.
Europe of the future is not just simple technical innovations, although they will be. Scientists prognosticate outbreaks in robot constructions, so little and gargantuan helpers will invade all spheres of life, from the complicated artificial intelligence to robotic babysitter. Novel energy sources represented in renewable windflaws, sun radiation, and geothermal activity are supposed to optimize consumption in regard to ecological impact, which lays cornerstone under the null-waste production. Even today lots of assertions are being declared as for renouncement from fossil fuels. Refinements are expected in medicine, thus such ailments like cancer or AIDS would stop being so ominous, so life will be safe and comfortable. No way will be overpassed a space science; collective efforts of EU-members is thought to speedup worldwide trends of cosmic colonization.
However, I predict that the most significant shifts are going to be connected with social aspects. As at one time European civilization has encouraged age of enlightenment, prohibition of the slave trade andthe born of practical democracy as well as currently it is fighting for compliance of Human Rights. So far Lenient Europeans have shared a roof with millions of refugees from Syria. In 2050 Europe will become a preacher of eternal ideas of tolerance in the whole world.
I see the future, where every single soul will peacefully coexist with each other. I also have a dream that one day I wake up and do not hear the next reportage about city bombing, cases of fratricide, crime because of religious enmity. European wisdom of people-to-people interactions possibly will newly illuminate human minds to find compromises, making wars senseless.
I see the new Europe, which is in the center of a global moral revolution, unveiling novel horizons of the world view.
2050…Everywhere women and men will have established egalitarian norms of behavior, everywhere people will have got a chance to choose whether religion should be an essential part of their lives, everywhere racial barriers will have been broken. Once Albert Camus mentioned “ideal human freedom was the freedom of the individual from society” – this, what Europe is granting to everyone, you and me. Eventually, people will be able to throw away their shackles. No more stereotypes how to live.
Nowadays Europe is one of the most developed continents on this planet. No doubt, further years will bring plenty of achievements in a wide range of ways. But the main point is what Europe on its own can give to the rest of humanity: the better moral, the better people, the better future.

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