I want to say I’m very happy to talk about an important subject like this, especially as an outsider. I’m not from Europe and I do not live in it but I want Europe to become within the next 30 years a unified continent that includes every nationality and doesn’t divide anyone from anyone among the people – a unified continent against any radicalism and terrorism. We can only talk about our future in 30 years, if we believe that we will be able to get there since the world and the societies of today are plagued by numerous challenges. One of these problems is inequality. I mean two common types of it: race and economic inequalities. The racism rising in Europe to Arab, Muslim and black communities causes assault, violations, and hatred towards them. There’s no room for peace in a heart that hates. Hate causes violence. People suffer and hurt each other and even kill each other. Agressive racists kill and hurt victims and victims rise up to defend themselves and children. And violence disrupts the local economy. And all that things lead to war and terrorism. I don’t see any future with that two terrible words. So in order to create happy future we need to improve the awareness in media and school curricula. Racism leads to nothing except leads to nothing except the violence and hatred. Most important of all is to build up and educate the new generation so that all the people are equal and all of them are brothers with woth no difference between them. Another significant inequality problem is economic inequality. ” In too many countries, economic growth has failed to lift these small boats, while the gorgeous yachts have riding the waves and enjoying the wind in their sails.” Addressing an audience in Brussels, Christine Lagarde used this nautical metaphor to draw attention to the growing issue of economic inequality l, because economic inequality also has terrible consequences. A high level of economic inequality means a higher level of poverty. Poverty is associated with increased crime and poor public health, which places burdens on the economy. As income, pay and wealth are the defining characteristics of economic inequality, ot is not surprising that employment (or the lack of) is a major source of the latter. More apprenticeships schemes should become available for young people not in education or employment allowing them to gain supplementary work experience and practical skills. Furthermore, differences in early education and school quality are the most important components contributing to persistent inequality across generations. Investments in education can increase economic mobility, contribute to increased productivity and decrease inequality. A wider variety of post-18 education paths should be provided , including fairly paid apprenticeships and mixed degrees for a nominal fee. To sum up, I’d say that our open hearts should be the main weapon to defeat our main enemy: indifference. I want to finish with a famous quote by Winston Churchill: “We hope to seea Europe as pf belonging to their native land, and… wherever they go in this wide domain… will truly feel ‘Here I’m at home’.

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