Europe 2050-Explained from Athena to Dublin
My journey through Europe 2050 starts in Athena. The Greece Economy, when we want to use this outdated thermology, is doing great since we stopped fighting each other and realized we need to work together in Europe. There are No advantages for Europe in fighting each other for competition advantages. We need to work together to create competition advantages for Europe as a whole. Therefore, Germany had to change his politics dramatically.
To start my journey, I take the free electric public transport to the main station. like it’s possible everywhere in Europe. At the train Station I take the euro-loop, a magnetic highspeed train network throughout Europe, so nobody needs to fly inside of Europe, and destroy the climate. In the train, I answered a couple of government questions on my phone. The Government uses it to get an impression about the public opinion. The results are not definite except there is an 80% majority. After 1 hour I changed Trains in Zagreb The Capital of social and economic studies in the world. In the EU founded institutes, the most important questions about society get answered. And for the first time, somebody understands capitalism completely. We need to understand society to change it and make it work for everybody.
Shortly later I arrived in Brussels Europe’s Center of Power. There is the Commission which is, the government and completely separated from the Parliament, the most powerful parliament in the World. Decisions in the parliament are definite for everybody and just the European court of justice can overturn them. But what makes the Eu institutions really special is the Peoples Council where 50 randomly selected People from across Europe to come together for 2 Years to discuss the fundamental questions about the future of Europe.
My train ride continues to London, where I met a former classmate of mine who is a teacher today. He is doing an exchange with his class like every student is doing it at least twice during his school life. This should create a European identity and show that we are all humans who need to work together.
The final chapter of my journey is from London to the beautiful town of Dublin. Since we see Europe as a hole the tax competition between the countries stopped. Every tax is ending up in the European budget so there are no advantages to lower the taxes in single countries. The taxes are distributed to the Countries depending on population and where they are needed the most. The EU itself founds the cross country infrastructure, the Army, Europol, a European Health Care system, an EU-pension and a basic income. To found this there is a capital tax, financial transaction tax and a roboteer tax. This all works because the EU works together and every profit that is made in Europe needs to be taxed in Europe.

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