“Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Europe in 2050 is all equal, egalitarian and even. At first, this might seem considerably modest and rather mainstream but in this process of evaluation, we shouldn’t neglect one of the main European qualities of the reason that is scepticism and direct it towards this “virtue” of equity, aiming to find the true nature of European equilibrium.
Prosperity and morality are the 2 main aspects of social life which seem to need equalisation most of all, but there come issues with this.
When it comes to equity in terms of prosperity, even to this day we have still favoured to take bypasses such as taxing people who have higher revenue thanks solely to their hard work. By doing so we are establishing inequality in the name of equity and sacrificing their motivation for the cause of progressive tax which is easily a euphemism that promotes social parasitism. We might force people into this for the sake of greater good but it needs to be taken into consideration that this “noble” plan will require decades to reach our anticipated outcome and throughout this time all our tenacious work may go to waste based on the simplistic truth that the intensity of striving for freedom always outweighs burdens set by equity.
In the case of ethical equality, we should first focus on determining who should distinguish what is morally right or wrong in the first place and given the universal nature of moral, that already seems to make an immense problem. Even if we choose a person or group of people with high authority to define what is ethical we would still face a great risk of subjectivity and given the common sense that our moral “taste” might not be identical to others’ we would have to impose our beliefs of morally justified behaviours on other individuals.
I assume the only kind of parity in Europe should be the balance in responsibility, equality of opportunity and legal egalitarianism(equality before the law). Every person is born free with his/her novel possibilities to reach success and our only purpose for serving the common good should be to extend access to extra opportunities and not limit them with the hardships we set and demotivators we empower while confronting consequences instead of the causes and all these in the name of pseudo-equality. Time has come to belatedly apprehend that equity is for the lazy and idle, while the freedom is for those with eagerness to evolve.

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