To build a future we have to build minds and ideas. This can be made through education. How will education be in Europe in 2050?
Currently I am a student in an Italian high school. I asked some people from different countries, through the Internet, what they thought about education in their nations. I noticed a crack. Education is getting better in some countries. Their governments are investing money and energy to bring up the citizens who will face the future.
On the other hand, some countries' education is still, opening to innovations but too slowly for the times we are passing through. Don't forget we are in the global era and up to 30 years we may conduct a very different life than we do now. For this reason education, above all, needs to change and evolve.
In the future, I think, school will need to have a strong definition and aim. School is the place where young people learn how to become citizens. That's not obvious in the society I know, sometimes we forget it. In order to realize it students must be taught discipline and respect.
The first goal of education is to teach sense of community and respect for oneself, other people, the environment, nature, traditions, culture and institutions.
The second goal is this: all the students need to learn discipline. I think this should be taught strictly in the first years of school, so it later becomes an instrument, and not an objective.
If a student has discipline (and self-discipline) he or she is able to learn almost everything is willing to. Teaching discipline, teachers would make sure that, for students, school is a place where one can realize himself, and not only a place of obligation. Discipline is important to create sense of community, since everyone has the same rights and duties.
The last goal of education is to prepare students for adult life, teaching them how to be independent, to use intelligence and to find a job. In order to do that, programs and subjects have to be revised. Lots of students now have to learn subjects that are not useful for real life. I don't think they're useless at all, but dedicating them less time we would be allowed to learn or deepen what is really important for our career. The subjects of the future are economics, foreign languages and technology, and everyone should have them in the CV. School should guarantee that students become what companies are looking for.
This is my ideal model of school, and I hope that by 2050 every country will have had it almost as an objective. However, as I said, some countries won't reach this objective soon, they are not ready enough for this change. But it is possible and very important to create a net of help and collaboration within European countries, in order to find the best way to educate our future.

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