Dear future EUROPE, when I think about you in 2050, the first word that comes in my mind is VISION. I can’t conceive a country without this insane and beautiful capacity to imagine how things can develop and change in the future. I see you there, constantly working at the edge of knowledge to open new fences. I see you still looking for the proper voice to express your potentialities. Still keeping your eyes focused on humanity. Still making connections between people from different places and backgrounds. Still believing in the possibility of designing the impossible. Still asking yourself questions. Never stop questioning yourself, Europe. The future needs answers of course, but there are no results without interrogations. Problems, difficulties and inquiries are just a small part of the game. Then there are solutions and achievements. I see you Europe, in 2050, trusting even more in progress as the incredible core of every change. And this believing will remind you who you are and will keep you standing. I imagine you Europe, able to transform the complex nuances of your long history into opportunities. Able to develop new models of living and understanding your limits. Europe, you are and you will always be an open door, fertile ground for culture and inspiring social practices. You are a welcoming home, warm place to enjoy communitarian moments. You are full of positive intentions and young people will keep those vibes to building new bridges, with always a look to what has been. So, in the future of Europe, at the end, I just see Europe. A hybrid country, a union. A place and a concept voted to what is yet to come.

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