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Title: Let's imagine to make it real..
Author: Senjuty Hossain
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Hi..I am a dreamer..Welcome to my future world☺..In this world generating energy is very cheap👍 ;;it is very easy👌 and eco-friendly💖..Our energy production system doesn't depend on nature like wind energy and solar energy do..It also doesn't pollute the environment like fossil fuel does..We invent devices to fight with earthquake,tsunami and flood👊.We have beaten global warming by using some simple chemistry theory✌..Our A.I. based doctors do regular check up each and everyone; gives medical treatment if necessary and store medical information..By using this medical system we can easily take proper step from early stage of any disease💪. .it helps us to be more careful about is also very pocket-friendly..In our world we don't need weapons for protection..Because our economy doesn't depend on fear..It depends on peace. 😇.In our world people don't need anti-depression pills.😄.Here we share love with everyone💞..We care about everyone😊..You will have court cases if you don't take care your helpless neighbour👮..We do not only care about human kind but also all the creatures..we care about the wate💧r..we care about the eco-system. We care about the nature🌄..We care about the mother earth🌍..We make a safe and loveable world for our next generations☺😊...

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